Friday, 12 June 2009

K-9Lives Episode1

K-9Lives Episode1 from Doug on Vimeo.

K-9Lives: Episode 1 is now online and you can watch it here! It is the first strip I did of this series and hopefully it will draw in some new readers to the comic. Please share the link with friends! I Directed, Animated, wrote and performed the music, recorded the sound effects and everything else on this film! I hope to do more and explore these characters on this different platform.

So the film is instead of today's comic but next week we'll be back to normal. I’m changing the layout of the blog a bit from here on out. From now on I will put each story arc into one blog post, that way you can read it from top to bottom of the page rather than reading backwards. I think when some people are coming to the blog they get a little confused about what’s going on because they’re reading everything backwards! So in order to try to make it clearer for new readers we’ll try out this new method. I will also number each page for further clarity and each story will be given a title.

Everything up to this point is in the book K-9Lives. So head to the store to pick up a copy. On Monday we are treading new ground so I have altered the layout slightly and changed some of my drawing tools to get a nicer look. If anyone is interested it is a faber-castell brush pen that I’ve adopted.

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